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Membership That Matters

Where will your company be this time next year? In five years? 10? 20? The cemetery, cremation and funeral industry is undergoing profound changes. Those businesses that adapt will prosper, while those that do not may face extinction.
The ICCFA is the only association poised to help you adjust so that you can expand your business and your service to families.
Founded in 1887, the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association is the fastest growing national association in the industry, with more than 9,100 member companies and an Annual Convention & Exposition that has almost doubled in size in the past eight years.
The primary reasons for the growth of the association and its programs are innovation and the progressive attitudes of our members. The ICCFA is known for creating an atmosphere of openness and is often called a "glass half full" organization, with members who maintain a focus on the future and actively seek out what is possible. Among the benefits of membership:


  • DISCOUNT PROGRAMS: SAVE THOUSANDS! You work hard for your money. Save it! ICCFA membership includes discounts on travel, car rentals, office supplies, and much more. In addition, some industry suppliers offer discounts and special offers to ICCFA members on products and services that you use everyday. Click here to see the latest offers. [NOTE: you must log in as a member to view this page. If you have not yet created an account on the ICCFA website, click here to do so.]
  • Cremation Resource Hotline – The ICCFA has partnered with Answering Service for Directors (ASD) to create a cremation hotline to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding cremation, completely FREE of charge. This means that the greatest pool of cremation experts ever assembled is now at your service, 24/7! ICCFA members can call 1-855-388-CRM8 to speak directly to a cremation expert.
  • Forms – ICCFA makes available sample forms that you may modify for your use in daily business transactions. As with any form or contract you may use, you should consult an attorney in your jurisdiction(s) to make sure all content fits within the parameters of local regulations. Forms cover funeral home, cemetery, cremation and pet loss issues.
  • Insurance: Designed to protect your company against the specific exposures of the funeral industry, the ICCFA Business Insurance Program offers deeply-rooted security for your business. The program is exclusively available to members of the ICCFA and offers competitive pricing, superior customer service and a dedicated sales team. For more information, visit If you have questions or would like to receive a quote, contact Kaitlin Radke, ICCFA Business Insurance Specialist, at 855.656.3829 or Business insurance solutions include:
    • Property
    • General Liability
    • Commercial Auto
    • Cyber Liability
    • Workers' Compensation
    • Funeral Directors Errors & Omissions/Professional
  • Funeral Service Credit Union – Funeral Service Credit Union has been providing a sound financial foundation to the funeral service community for over 30 years. Funeral service associations, companies, employees and retirees all rely on FSCU for financial services specifically attuned to their needs. They work to provide growth and security to our community, as you reach out to help yours. Learn more at
  • ICCFA Freight Savings Plan: More choices! Bigger discounts! – For small parcel shipping, Shipping SOS offers discounts with the United States Post Office and DHL, plus outstanding savings with Other Major Carriers. Call service provider Siriani at 800 554-0005 or click on Shipping SOS to learn more. For large or heavyweight items, discounts in excess of 80% are available with an extensive network of less-than-truckload carriers. Shipping to a trade show? Call 800 554-0005 for a quote! Great rates on international shipping too. For free enrollment, go to ICCFA members can save when shipping:
    • overnight documents
    • sales and marketing materials
    • equipment to your business
    • equipment and supplies to your customers
    • exhibit materials for conventions and expositions
    • international shipments
  • ICCFA Payment Acceptance Program - TSYS Merchant Solutions is the payment processing member benefit provider for ICCFA. Serving merchants for more than 30 years, TSYS Merchant Solutions offers ICCFA members a discounted payment acceptance program tailored to your business needs. By partnering with TSYS, you may be able to reduce your operating costs and improve cash flow. Call 888.749.7860 for a free cost savings analysis or check out The TSYS website's Resource Center contains more information on best practices, white papers and on-demand webcasts. Benefits of the program include:
    • free business, social media and reputation tracking analysis tools to help your business grow - learn more at
    • "Meet or Beat Guarantee": If we cannot beat your rate we will pay you up to $500
    • full line of payment acceptance products customized to your specific business needs
    • 24/7 live customer support
    • free online reporting
  • ICCFA Magazine – Published 10 times a year, our award-winning magazine offers practical, "how to" articles, case studies and commentary contributed directly by our members as well as coverage of the most pressing federal legislative and regulatory issues facing the industry.
  • ICCFA Wireless E-Newsletter – Available exclusively to ICCFA members, our bi-weekly electronic newsletter offers timely legislative, industry and association news.
  • Full Access to ICCFA’s Web Site Materials Our member forums at allow members to share ideas with colleagues from throughout the world. Our online Reading Room and Screening Room offer a growing library of print, audio and video materials that have been collected by the ICCFA for more than a century. Some of these materials are available to all industry members, but many are restricted to members only.
  • ICCFA Buyer’s Guide and Membership Directory – This valuable publication includes a comprehensive index of individuals working in the industry; a cross-reference of member companies; a listing of state, regional, national and international industry associations; an extensive guide to suppliers; a directory of mortuary schools; a listing of state regulatory agency contacts; and operational information such as cremation guidelines and monument installation guidelines.
  • Prepaid Telephone Consultations Members: Click here to obtain phone numbers for the below services. The ICCFA holds exclusive retainer agreements with three attorneys and a certified public accountant to provide expert advice and opinion at no charge to members with questions affecting their business:
    • Tax attorney Les Schneider
    • Labor law attorney Michael Pepperman
    • Cremation counsel Poul Lemasters
    • Forensic accountant and investigator Robert Garvey
  • Complimentary Funeral Rule Compliance Review – Attorney and licensed funeral director Poul Lemasters offers a free review of members’ General Price Lists for compliance with the FTC Funeral Rule. You may contact him at 513.407.8114.
  • Model Contracts and Programs – The ICCFA has developed forms, contracts and programs that can be accessed by members and customized to promote best practices at their locations:
    • Cremation Authorization Forms
    • Funeral Home and Cemetery Contracts with Third-Party Crematories
    • Red Flag "Identity Theft" Compliance Program
    • Document Retention/Destruction Sample Policies
    • Whistleblower Sample Policies
    • IRS Conflict-of-Interest Form for Officers and Directors
    • Sample Influenza Policy for Employee Handbook
  • Legal and Management Strategies – The ICCFA has developed education and resources for members to assist them with legal and regulatory issues facing their businesses:
    • Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
    • Air Cargo "Known Shipper" and Screening Compliance
    • OSHA Compliance
    • Union Organizing Activities
  • Listing in the ICCFA Online Provider Directory – Thousands of consumers use the provider directory at each month to search for ICCFA-member cemeteries, crematories and funeral homes by name or location.
  • Top-Rated Convention and Conferences – Our Annual Convention, conferences and educational seminars offer unmatched content and idea-sharing. Nowhere else can owners and employees of cemeteries, funeral homes, crematories, memorial designers, pet loss providers and suppliers come together to share so openly and honestly their challenges and solutions. Educational programming targets the most relevant issues facing our members, with a focus on providing solutions they can use to gain a competitive edge in their markets and to better serve families. Funeral directors can earn CE credits at each of our meetings. In addition, our Annual Expo gives attendees opportunities to visit face-to-face with suppliers to learn about the latest products and services available to help them grow their businesses.
  • Cremation Training – Cremation Central at offers training, resources and support in the areas of cremation operations, legal issues and arranging. Some of the materials on the site are available to all industry members, but certain sections and forms are available to members only. Also available to ICCFA members are discounted in-house staff training and certification as cremation arrangers, as well as a new cremation "phone shopper" program that provides training on how to effectively respond to initial cremation calls.
  • Recognition Programs – Our KIP (Keeping It Personal) Awards Program recognizes cemeteries, crematories, funeral homes, and suppliers for their efforts to personalize products and services for their client families. Our Certification Program recognizes individuals who have achieved a high level of professional competence and extensive knowledge of industry principles and practices. KIP Awards winners and certification recipients are provided press releases so they can publicize their programs to their local media.
  • Support of ICCFA's Public Education Efforts – The ICCFA conducts ongoing efforts to educate consumers about the value of memorialization, remembrance, and prearrangement. We provide extensive consumer information on our Web site,, and regularly respond to misleading media reports relating to the industry.
  • Support of ICCFA's Government Relations Efforts – The ICCFA continually monitors federal legislation and regulations as well as the courts and keeps members up-to-date on the issues affecting the industry and small businesses. Our Model Legislative and Regulatory Guidelines have been widely distributed to state organizations to promote the adoption of sound legislation that is sensitive to the needs of both businesses and consumers. The ICCFA also provides testimony before Congressional committees and federal agencies as well as friend-of-the-court briefs in support of members’ interests.
  • Support of ICCFA's Consumer Mediation Efforts – The ICCFA Cemetery Consumer Service Council provides mediation services to assist members in handling consumer complaints to the satisfaction of all parties.
  • Discounts on Products and Services – The ICCFA offers a wide range of products and services, including sales and marketing tools, training tapes, management materials, OSHA compliance training, recruitment tools, grief-management resources and more.
  • Pet Loss Professionals Alliance – The PLPA is a group of like-minded pet-loss providers who are working to foster a high level of ethics and training within the industry. The PLPA is focused on establishing sound business practices and standards and promoting the value of quality pet-loss care to veterinarians and the public. Membership in the PLPA is included with ICCFA membership and is available to all companies that provide pet loss services and products, including traditional cemeteries and funeral homes that include pet care sections. Resources and forums for discussion are available to PLPA members on their dedicated Web site at
  • Click here to download a brochure detailing the benefits of membership for cemetery, cremation and funeral home professionals
  • Click here to download a brochure explaining the benefits of membership for industry suppliers


Obligations of Membership & Bylaws
Members of the ICCFA recognize that we have special obligations to the families and public we serve. As Guardians of a Nation's Heritage, we pledge: 

  • To care for the remains of those entrusted to us with dignity, respect, and professional skill, whether at a funeral home, crematory or cemetery.
  • To honor the wishes of the deceased and their family and to serve all families with respect, understanding and confidentiality.
  • To administer and safeguard all advance planning and permanent memorialization funds for their lawful and intended purpose.
  • To protect and preserve all interment sites and relevant historical data entrusted to us.
  • To be guided by the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and regulations set by governing bodies with jurisdiction over our activities in the ownership, management and operation of a funeral home, crematory, cemetery or related endeavor.

Click here to download the ICCFA Obligations of Membership and Bylaws.

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