PLPA Membership

PLPA Membership

Membership in the ICCFA and its Pet Loss Professionals Alliance (PLPA) is open to any individual, firm or corporation that offers pet loss services to consumers or that provides supplies and services to pet loss service providers.

Veterinarians: click here to enroll in the Veterinary Subscription program.

Entities that provide pet-only services to consumers, such as pet cemeteries and crematories, are enrolled as ICCFA/PLPA Members.

Entities that provide services for humans and have a pet-loss component are enrolled both as ICCFA Regular Members and as ICCFA/PLPA Members. These members pay the Regular Member price; there is no additional cost for the PLPA membership.

Entities that provide products and services to pet loss providers are enrolled as Supplier/Professional Members and as ICCFA/PLPA Members. These members pay the Supplier/Professional Member price; there is no additional cost for the PLPA membership.


How can the ICCFA and the PLPA help me as a pet loss provider?

Raising the Level of Professionalism in Pet Loss Services
As a member of the PLPA, you are supporting the alliance's efforts to "raise the bar" in pet loss care.

Founded in August 2009, the PLPA is setting the standard for the relatively young and rapidly growing field of pet loss care. It is dedicated to promoting high standards in pet loss services and to developing educational programs for members and for veterinarians. Among its recent initiatives:

  • The PLPA Standards and Ethics Committee has developed the "Definitions and Standards for the Cremation of Companion Animals" to promote uniformity in defining often confusing terms such as "private cremation," "partitioned cremation" and "communal cremation" as well as "active" vs. "residual" commingling. The Definitions and Standards are available for use by pet loss providers, veterinarians and consumers. (Download a PDF of the document here.)
  • The PLPA Standards and Ethics Committee has developed a Pet Release/Authorization for Final Disposition to be used by pet loss providers and veterinary offices in securing a release/authorization for the burial or cremation of a pet. The form includes definitions of terms and information on options for memorializing the pet, such as with fur clippings, jewelry and other keepsakes. (Download a PDF of the form here.)
  • The PLPA Education Committee has developed a Certified Pet Loss Professional program, an intensive two-day seminar teaching best practices and allowing pet loss providers to earn a CPLP designation recognizing their commitment to maintaining high professional standards. The inaugural CPLP program will be held October 3-4 at the Embassy Suites in Fort Worth, Texas.

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A Competitive Advantage
As a PLPA member, you have access to best practices shared by your colleagues.

At, you'll find tools, blog posts and discussions to help you and your business. In addition, you'll have opportunities to connect with  fellow members and receive training on a variety of pet loss care topics at the PLPA's two annual educational events: the Certified Pet Loss Professionals program and the PLPA Annual Conference. Among the topics slated for the 2011 CPLP program:

  • Pet Funeral Directors: The First Call and Beyond
  • Pet Cemeteries and Crematories: Legal Issues
  • Making Your Crematory More Efficient
  • Best Practices for Pet Cemeteries
  • Pet Product Sales: The Power of Proper Merchandising

In addition, as a PLPA member, you also will be a member of the ICCFA, and you'll receive all of the benefits of ICCFA membership, including an award-winning magazine offering news and articles on a full range of death care topics; access to free telephone consultations on a variety of legal, human resource and tax issues; and member discounts on services such as credit card processing and group liability insurance, discounts on products at the ICCFA Store and more.

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If you would like to renew your existing PLPA membership, click here to do so online. Click here to download the renewal application form and fax or mail it in to us.

If you have questions about your membership, please call us at 1.800.645.7700.