Student Membership

Student Membership

ICCFA Student Membership is open to any student of an accredited mortuary science school and any recent graduate of an accredited mortuary science school seeking employment.

How can ICCFA help me as a student or recent graduate?

A Real-World Education
As an ICCFA member, you have access to best practices shared by top experts.
The skills you are acquiring in college are critical to your success upon graduation, but it is equally important for you to get exposure to the "real world" issues you will face on the job. Nowhere else will you find a group of professionals who are so willing to share their experiences and solutions to the challenges facing today's funeral service professional.

ICCFA Magazine: Our award-winning magazine, published 10 times per year, is filled with best practices from professionals working in the industry. Here is just a sampling of the advice and information readers received in recent issues:

  • a "how to" guide to the funeral celebrant arrangement interview
  • options for handling the disposition of artificial devices in cremation cases
  • lessons learned from a funeral director who successfully added pet services at his firm
  • a cemetery advertising and direct mail campaign that worked
  • practical ways to turn email inquiries into increased business
  • lean management principles and how to apply them to cemetery maintenance The ICCFA website also provides members exclusive access to educational materials and operational tools such as:

  • Inspection Checklist When Using a Third-Party Crematory
  • 10 Things You Should Include in Your Cremation Policy & Procedure Manual
  • More than 50 videos on a variety of training topics

Annual Convention and conferences: Perhaps the most effective way to connect and learn from your colleagues is through the ICCFA's Annual Convention and three targeted conferences: the Wide World of Sales Conference, ICCFA University and the Fall Management Conference/CEO Symposium. Members receive discounted admission to our events (and students are often provided even steeper discounts!), which are recognized throughout the profession as the top educational and networking opportunities available. Members who attended our most recent Convention received training on dozens of topics, including:

  • The Cremation Case: A Step-by-Step Guide to Avoiding Liability
  • Strategies and Tactics for Capturing the 50+ Consumer
  • Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day
  • Building a Funeral Service Experience that Will Build Your Business
  • Can the Best Embalmers Still Learn Something?
  • Cemetery Infrastructure: Building a Strong Foundation for Business

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Professional Connections
As an ICCFA member, you are affiliated with the best in the business.
ICCFA connects you with owners and operators of 7,500+ cemeteries, crematories, funeral homes and related businesses. Our members agree to abide by the
ICCFA Obligations of Membership, recognizing the importance of honoring the special trust placed in our profession by the families and public they serve.

Our classified advertising pages, available both online and in the ICCFA Magazine, list dozens of employment opportunities throughout North America and the world.

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Information and Advocacy
As an ICCFA member, you have access to timely information regarding federal legislation and regulations, and you help support our government and public relations efforts

Through our magazine and our biweekly email newsletter, you receive regular notifications of legal and legislative activities affecting the funeral service professp In addition, your membership in the only association that represents the entire cemetery, cremation and funeral service profession helps support our efforts to educate and influence government officials and the media. Among our recent activities:

  • Providing an interview with "60 Minutes" to ensure a balanced perspective on an upcoming report on the industry
  • Serving as the largest industry group opposing the ill-conceived "Bereaved Consumer Bill of Rights Act"
  • Serving as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration on the department's Cargo Screening Requirements for Human Remains
  • Assisting the Government Accountability Office with a new study the office has commissioned on state cemetery and funeral laws and regulations

JOIN ONLINE NOW or click here to download an application and begin enjoying the benefits of membership. If you have questions about your membership, please call us at 1.800.645.7700.