National Pet Memorial Day

Ways to remember your pet:

• Spend a few minutes reflecting upon pleasant memories of your pet
Contribute to an animal protection group 
Volunteer at an animal protection group
Create a small memorial in a flower garden in your yard
Plant a tree or a shrub as a living memorial: Through the Arbor Day Foundation's Trees For Pets program, for just $10 you may have 10 trees planted in memory of your pet and a personalized card or certificate identifying where the trees have been planted.
Think about your late pet. Look at old photos. Talk about your pet with others who were familiar with it. Reflect on all the great memories you made with your pet. If you lost your pet unexpectedly, try to keep your thoughts positive.
Visit your pet's burial site. Make a tribute to your pet by decorating its burial site with something it may have enjoyed in life. Talk to your pet while at the burial site.
Create a small memorial in your pet's honor. Plant trees, shrubs and flowers to memorialize your pet. These things can remind you of your pet long after National Pet Memorial Day has passed.
Donate money or time to a charity or organization in honor of your late pet. Choose an organization or charity based on your animal's breed or a particular cause that is close to your heart. Animal shelters, rescue groups and humane societies all appreciate volunteers.
Send sympathy cards to former pet owners. National Pet Memorial Day does not have to be a solitary affair. Include everyone who has lost a pet in your observance of National Pet Memorial Day.

Click below to view a videotaped memorial service in which you may participate at any time.

Pet loss memorial service by PLPA from TheICCFA on Vimeo.

Our beloved pitty, Rookie

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After a bout with cancer, we placed Rookie to sleep at 11 years old. He was my sister's baby boy. A half year later, her heart still aches to feel those teeth & soft ears. We miss his whacky outbursts, picky eating habits, and how he used to drag his blankets around like Linus from Peanuts. We hope he is in heaven sniffing anything & everything to his heart's desires.

Bobby is gone

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On Aug. 4, Sunday, I lost my dear companion and friend, Bob. He was a 15 year old cat who was my guardian, not the other way around. Coming home from work,he would be looking out the window waiting. When I entered the front door, he would always stand there and come up and rub my legs or want to be held. Putting makeup on in the morning, he would sit beside me and all I had to do was lean down and put my face to his and he would rub up against it.

my pet

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Dear Christmas--Mom still misses you each and every day. You brought so much joy and love to our family. I hope you are enjoying your new home in Heaven and playing and being free of your pain that you had here on earth.I am sooooo looking forward to the day when we can be together again. Until then, enjoy running & playing in the wonderful city of Heaven. I miss your sweet bark, my baby. Love you so much, Mom!

To my "kittehs": Chuckie, Cookie, Chester, Toonces, Rusty, Peper-Ena, Cyrameow, Tigger, Adolph, Sadie-Hazmine

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Chuckie, you saved my life by giving me something to care for.
Cookie, you came along just at the right time.
Chester, you were a bundle of joy and best buddy for Cookie.
Toonces, I saved your life and the lives of your kittens (Rusty, Pepper-Ena, Cyrameow, Tigger, Adolph). In turn, you all gave me 20+ years of love.
Sadie-Jazmine, you were the "Princess" of the pack. Even people who weren't cat lovers loved you like crazy.
I love you all & miss you. xxx...

Wally Cooke

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Wally passed at 12:04 PM almost two weeks ago now, while I was holding him like a baby with Audra hugging him. He knew that we loved him right up until the end. I got a small lick from him as the injection started and could see the look of relief in his eyes at the end. We stayed with him for a while after that. I would like to thank the staff at Parkdale Animal Hospital in Newburgh, Indiana for all that they have done for Wally and many other animals within the area.


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I lost my beloved Abby on 8-12-13. She was 14 years old. She is my heart and soul kitty. When she died half of my heart went to Heaven with her. She was only with me 8 of her 14 years, but I would like to think that she had the best 8 years of her life with me. She was loyal and devoted only to me. She had such a grand personality and she was very sassy and opinionated. I so miss her far greater than mere words could ever allow to me say. She was my special one and she always will be.

Faces of canine cancer

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Five of these 6 have died because of canine cancer. The sixth (the last one in the second row) is 15 years old and is hanging in there. You left too soon but I am so happy for the time I had with you: Drifter, Naoisha, Kotah Bear, Callie and Rose.


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It's been almost four years since we had to have my precious Maxie put to sleep. No one will ever know just how much I loved that little guy. He was my little buddy, my handsome man, my protector. He would try to bite anyone who acted like they were hitting me and every night, he would get under the covers, with just his little bum sticking out & be tummy to tummy with me. He loved me & I feel like I let him down. I couldn't save him and I will always feel guilty. I tried.


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We just lost our baby last night. Still feeling numb & lost. Mamma & Daddy miss you sweet boy, we were looking forward to the years ahead. You brought so much more into our lives and your packs (sisters & brother dogs) life. You kept a total excitement in the house and we miss your quirky presence Mister Wrangler.

Mamma, Daddy, Fudge, Mercy, Rowdy, Buddy, Delilah, Lexie, Dodge, Ford.
Your kitties: Yami, Thomas, Meme & Cassidy
Your Horse: Kane
And your best friend from across the street: Tango


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Thank you so much for coming to me in my dream last night!! I miss you so much. My puppy knew I needed to see him.


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On May 8, 2013 I sent my darling 21 yr old Buddy across "The Rainbow Bridge." We had sooo many great years together & I know he was greeted by many loved ones waiting to help him cross over. Mommy misses you every day Bumpty-Bump, Button-Nose, Weinner-McWein, I.P. Freely. <3


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July 17, 1999 to March 24, 2013
We miss our baby, you will never be forgotten.


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Oreo passed away on September 2, 2013 from complications from lymphoma. She was our energizer bunny who we thought would outlive us all. She had energy beyond most dogs her age and we enjoyed almost 11 years of good healthy with no issues. The loss of this little girl has torn our hearts out but we did everything we could do to save her from this terrible disease. We had her cremated and placed in a beautiful urn that will remain with us for the rest of our lives. She has taken a piece of our heart with her to the Rainbow Bridge. We will meet again.