A good website is vital…and not as easy as pie

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I do a lot of consulting with small business owners who are looking to improve their business. I tell them there are 3 must-haves to succeed in business.

• A Business Plan – to focuses on goals and how to reach them
• A Financial Plan – to plot to review budget
• A Marketing Plan – to get the word out and drum up the business.

My job is the marketing plan: https://www.datamangroup.com

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A little knowledge is truly a dangerous thing

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It has been brought to my attention that a journalist by the name of Brittney P. Laryea of MagnifyMoney recently had a short essay published entitled “7 Lies Your Funeral Home Director Might Tell You.”

Because of my long-time dedication to the funeral profession, and because I love being a funeral director (which possibly Ms. Laryea might not totally understand), this essay caught my attention.