Green-Wood blends old & new

Date Published: 
July, 2005
Original Author: 
Susan Loving
Managing Editor, ICCFA Magazine, Sterling, VA
Original Publication: 
ICFM Magazine, July 2005

Historic Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York, was slow to add community mausoleums to its property, according to President Richard J. Moylan. "Our board, years ago wasn't convinced that there was a market for it," he said.

In the late '70s, Green-Wood "got its feet wet really slowly" by converting unneeded space in the lower level of the crematory into crypts, Moylan said. It was a relatively inexpensive way to get started.

"It sold very well, and that spurred the board on to consider other buildings," Moylan said. Garden Mausoleums I, II and III and Hillside I, II and III followed. Now all are sold out except for Hillside III, which is close to 75 percent sold.

The mausoleums have helped Green-Wood extend its life as an active cemetery. "We don't really have a lot of space left," Moylan said of the historic cemetery, which has more than 560,000 interments.
Hillside IV, the final phase of the Hillside project, features modem architecture and makes use of a site with a 45-degree slope. It also incorporates a new niche design and introduces a flower program cemetery officials hope will prevent the flower-control problems they have had in other mausoleum buildings.

In the graphics that follow, you'll be able to:
•    tour Hillside IV,
•    learn about the design concepts involved in placing this modem building in a historic landscape,  get tips on mausoleum building, sitting and sales and
•    learn how Green-Wood plans to end flower clutter in all of its indoor mausoleums.