Washington Report 052003

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Original Author: 
Robert M. Fells
Original Publication: 
ICCFA Magazine

ICFA Establishes Federal Political Action Committee

by Robert M. Fells, Esq., general counsel
Among the highlights at the 2003 ICFA Annual Convention & Exposition, President Bill Wright, CCE, announced establishment of an ICFA federal political action committee (PAC). The purpose of the ICFA PAC is to "promote effective political relationships with members of Congress," according to its mission statement. The PAC directly supports a specific goal of the ICFA mission statement, which calls for "pro-active leadership on legislative, regulatory and legal issues."
An initial contribution to the ICFA PAC has been given by the Service Corporation International PAC, which donated $5,000, the maximum amount allowed by law. A PAC Fundraising Committee has been established and is chaired by ICFA Past President Arlie T. Davenport Jr. and includes many prominent ICFA members. More details will be provided as the committee's work progresses.