Did You Know “Ma” Green?

Lillian Elizabeth “Ma” Green was a long-serving faculty member of the L.A. College of Anatomy, Embalming, and Sanitation, which became the California College of Mortuary Science, and is now known as Cypress College. She served as President and Vice President of the first two institutions, respectively. She also helped found the California Embalmers Association as their first Vice President. Despite her years of teaching and service, there are no articles or books honoring her life.

Oiled Roads

Date Published: 
August, 1907
Original Author: 
C. Ohnemuller
Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, California
Original Publication: 
AACS Proceedings of the 21st Annual Convention

The dusty roads of Southern California made it necessary to find a means by which the dust might be effectually laid without too great an expense. Water was scarce and the cost a great deal, so that process had to be abandoned, at least to some extent.

In the spring and summer of 1898, six miles of highways were oiled by Los Angeles County and in 1899 the same roads, with an additional seven miles were oiled. This experiment proved to be very satisfactory and in 1900 fifty miles were oiled, most of this being oiled twice.