The New Order

“24/7 Wall Street” posted a piece on January 13 entitled “The Ten Companies that Control the Death Industry.”  http://247wallst.com/2011/01/13/the-ten-companies-that-control-the-death... The first surprise was that Wal-Mart, Amazon and 800-Flowers were all in the top 10 influencers….Discounters that wouldn’t even have been on the radar screen a decade ago.

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Dwindling time--A silent force with a tremendous impact on cemetery/funeral service

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Last week I spent a very nice day doing some training.  What a wonderful, professional group of individuals in the group – no grumpy, fussing complaining people – no, not one.  It was fun, energizing, focused, and above all dedicated to discussions and knowledge about one major subject – serving families better.  It was refreshing, and did this old undertaker’s soul a world of good.

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Cemeteries and Requests for Genealogical Research

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Does your cemetery have a policy to respond to requests for genealogical information? Some people consider the information private and suggest that the inquiry be directed to the family.  Others feel the information is basically public and provide it.  Any recommended practices in this area? Thanks.

Bob Fells