PLPA Co-Chair responds to tragedy in Oklahoma

Earlier today, PLPA Co-Chair Coleen Ellis, CPLP, sent a letter to two reporters in Tulsa, OK, who have been covering the tragic circumstances at Pets at Peace crematory in the metro area. Here is what it said:

Dear Ashlei King/Kendrick Marshall,

Thank you for the reporting that you have done on the tragedy in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, regarding the pets that did not receive their proper cremation from Pets at Peace.

Pet Parents Sue for Lack of Communication In the Veterinary Clinic

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Dr. Marty Becker just posted this article on his FaceBook page,... I found it incredibly compelling and wanted to share it with you - as this article should be reproduced and carried in your briefcase.  Drop this off at ALL of your clinics for supporting information on WHY it's so important to not only communicate clearly with families on their medical plan - but also when it comes to their final death care arrangements.  The time is now to "kick it up a notch" for your educational efforts with the clinics on proper death care processes. 

Charter CPLP Course

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Hello fellow PLPA members,


Are you ready for a fabulous time of learning and sharing with your fellow colleagues in the pet loss world?  Are you looking for that “sizzle” that will make you and your company stand out from your competition?  Are you anxious to be the “best of the best” at what we offer to pet parents every day? 

Introductory Letter to Vets

In response to a request from a Pet Loss Professionals Alliance member, we are glad to provide a letter for members to send to veterinarians they work with letting them know exactly what the PLPA is all about. It also provides a form they may complete and return if they wish to receive PLPA mailings. You may download this file as a Word document and customize as you wish.