How To Use Groups And Forums

[this page is a work-in-progress and topics will be added to as we have new functionality added and working properly)

Setting Up Email Notification

If you want to receive automatic e-mail notifications from all your Groups

Go to your user profile page by clicking here (or "My account" at the top of the page), click on "Edit" and set "Email notifications" to "Always" (be sure to click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page)

If you want to set your e-mail notifications differently for different Groups, set the "Email notifications to "Selectively" and click here to go to the Group list (or clicking on "Groups" at the top of the page), and click "My Memberships" to set the email notification preference for that Group.

Making Comments Private

When posting comments, if the discussion needs to be private, check the appropriate "OG Groups" box next to the name of the Group under the comment field.