==Are Graves Really Six Feet Deep?==

This is another apocryphal belief. Some cemeteries bury caskets just a foot or so below the surface of the ground, encased in a rigid, weight-resistant outer [[burial container]] (called liners, vaults, etc.). Some cemeteries do bury deeper but few if any actually dig a six-foot-deep grave, due to the danger of cave-ins, which varies by soil type and compaction, presence of water or extremely dry conditions, etc.

==Why do I find the flowers I put in a vase on a grave all scattered around the vase?==

In a word, crows. Though many people think vandals are going through the cemetery, pulling flowers out of vases and scattering them about, it's really crows. For unknown reasons - perhaps to get at the water in the vase - crows will remove the flowers one by one and place them in a rough circle around the vase. This has been observed in many cemeteries, so it's not just an urban legend.